New article out in Theory and Event, responding to Anker’s work.

Last year, I was humbled to be invited to read, respond to, and think with one of my favorite political theorists, Elisabeth Anker. I got to join the amazing Lida Maxwell as a respondent to Elisabeth’s paper, “White and Deadly”: Sugar, Slavery, and The Sweet Taste of Freedom” at the 2018 Maxwell Lecture at the University of Utah (organized by the also incredible Steven Johnson).

I learned so much from these amazing thinkers, and was given some space to think all over the place about the collective (and specific) attachments to and enjoyments of white supremacy that shape this place we inhabit. And now you can read Elisabeth’s amazing paper in the new issue of Theory and Event! And Lida’s brilliant response! and my rambling thoughts as well, if you would like. Steven’s wonderful introduction to the symposium also makes me sound smarter than I am!