#philoSOPHIA2017 roundtable this weekend, Resistant Affects: On Building Active Intolerance Against the Intolerable

Am really exited to be a part of a  great  roundtable this weekend at the 2017 meeting of  philoSOPHIA,  Resistant Affects: On Building  Active Intolerance Against the Intolerable, at Florida Atlantic University.

The panel will feature presentations from Natalie Cisneros (U. Seattle), Andrea Pitts (UNC-Charlotte), Falguni Sheth (Emory), Perry Zurn (American U.), and myself. It will be moderated by Kyoo Lee (CUNY). We’re going to be building on (and moving beyond) the work in the book that Perry and I co-edited,  Active Intolerance (which features chapters from Cisneros, Sheth, and Zurn). This panel tries to  continue a line of questioning that Perry and I keep coming back to: what precisely did the GIP mean when  they  insisted that their work was to  heighten  intolerance, to embrace a seemingly illiberal  virtue and direct it toward  intolerable institutions? The GIP, on the first page of  their 1971 publication  Intolerable 1: An Inquiry  into 20 Prisons,  succinctly listed some of these: “the courts, the cops, the hospitals and asylums, school, military service, the press, the state, and above all the prisons.” But surely, this list is not enough. And surely, we must do more than simply  make such a  list. This is what we’ll be  thinking about.

The event is open to the public, so please come and join us.