upcoming presentations

In addition to the start of yet another quarter, I’ll be presenting some work at a few places in the coming weeks.

  • Western PSA is just around the corner, and I’ll be presenting a very preliminary draft of some thoughts on Locke, Agamben, and criminal subjectivity.
  • I’ll be talking a bit about the history of Maryland’s criminal disenfranchisement statutes at the annual Weissbourd Conference on Worldmaking in early April.

Foucault’s Naissance de la Biopolitique

I’m giving a new paper (part of a chapter) on Foucault’s Naissance de la Biopolitique at the Crime and Punishment Workshop (Feb. 8th) and the Political Theory Workshop (Feb. 11th). It’s a first stab at Foucault’s understanding of the neo-liberal turn in criminology to homo œconomicus in Chicago School economics of crime and punishment (i.e. Becker, Stigler, Ehrlich). Mostly, it’ll be fun to see how poor my french translation skills are.

teaching fellow

It’s apparently time to write, as I have been awarded a Teaching and Research Dissertation Fellowship, which provides me the next 6 months to focus entirely on writing, before teaching a section of Social and Political Thought III in the Spring Quarter.


I have a paper (that is nearly done, I promise) that I’ll be presenting in a few places in the coming months, called “To Kill a Thief: Locke and the Excess of Punishment.” I’ll be presenting it at the the University of Chicago Law School and in the Political Theory Workshop on April 6th and June 6th respectively, and at the MPSA meeting in two weeks here in Chicago.