Spring 2021 Courses

Transformative Justice (POLS 4998)

Application to Enroll in POLS 4998: Transformative Justice

According to the GenerationFive (a group whose mission is to end the sexual abuse of children within five generations):

“Transformative Justice seeks to provide people who experience violence with immediate safety and long-term healing and reparations while holding people who commit violence accountable within and by their communities.”

Put this way, Transformative Justice is about building practices of genuine accountability and justice between people, acknowledging at two fundamental and uncomfortable realities about harm in the world: first, most often, and most likely, comes from people that we know, trust, and with whom we are in community with. Second, it argues that the state is at its core always a source of violence.

Transformative Justice (POLS 4998) is an in-depth seminar that is part of the 2020-2021 Bellarmine Forum and takes up this idea and practice to better understand it (and ourselves) at this particular moment in history. The course is organized around a series of public events (4-6 over the semester) featuring notable guest speakers and experts on the theory and practice of transformative justice. Guests will give public talks (virtually) to the LMU community (and the world at large). Students enrolled in POLS 4998: Transformative Justice will take leadership in facilitating these events, acting both as moderators and respondents to our esteemed guests. These guests will be notable academics and organizers whose work focuses on our topic. Students will work in small groups, preparing extensively each guest speaker by reading a large amount of their research, discussing it in detail with each other, and preparing to host the speaker publicly.

Enrollment in the course is by application only and priority will be given to students who have taken part in a previous Bellarmine Forum course or who have a background in transformative justice work.

Application to Enroll in POLS 4998: Transformative Justice

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