listed: P&I is 5th best critical theory book of 2014

What I’m most  pleased about  seeing my  book  land  in this  of the top 5 best critical theory books of 2014 is the  company with which it keeps:  Audra Simpson, Glen Coulthard, Sara Ahmed… a pretty incredible  set of folks. And, it’s a  real joy to see  a  “critical theory” list  made up almost entirely of  scholars of color doing  radical theory. That is to say, this  list isn’t made up of the usual suspects.

Punishment and Inclusion, three months later

It’s been a few months since Punishment and Inclusion: Race, Membership, and the Limits of American Liberalism was released by Fordham University  Press, and it’s been amazing to hear responses and see copies showing up  in the hands of  folks out there in the world.  I’ll be giving a  bunch of talks in the near future about the book (as well as about some new projects that I’ve been working on), but in the meantime, you can follow updates at the Punishment and Inclusion page on facebook, download a copy of the  preface and first chapter to read, and (obviously) pick yourself up a  copy to read  by the fireplace this winter. Thank you  again to everyone that made this possible!


forthcoming chapter on death penalty “abolition” and LWOP

I recently received word that Death and Other Penalties, edited by  Geoffrey Adelsberg, Lisa Guenther, and Scott Zeman,  is now under contract with Fordham University Press. I am honored to have a chapter included in the volume called, “Death Penalty Abolition in Neoliberal Times,” which critically takes up the failure of Prop. 34 in California, LWOP sentencing, and Foucault’s writings on the death penalty.

cambridge foucault lexicon, coming in Oct. 2013!

I was happy to see that Cambridge University Press has posted details on the forthcoming Foucault Lexicon, edited by Len Lawlor and John Nale. I have a modest entry included (on the subject of “Law”) and it should hit the shelves in the U.S. in October of 2013, and is full of really great looking contributors covering almost all the bases. A great resource for Foucault scholarship and pedagogy.